Where to Start

Follow the Step by Step Process to do everything you can help in a short amount of your time.

After you have  looked around this web site as a guest  or just joined a s a paying member, you should have read the disclaimer and Notice and understand what we are trying to achieve and  being transparent.

You agree to all the terms and privacy notices of this first amendment membership.

By becoming a member and supporting the work needed to be done to organize all the evidence from all members is a great start.

Help us achieve the goals of USI TECH FRAUD and we will all benefit from all the hard work.

We are trying to keep this at a level so everyone can help support this site, the biggest item we need more than financial support is for you, to contact law enforcement by sending letters, then to submit evidence here in whatever form you have along with others to build  a mountain of evidence then spread this web site to all down line  people you know to get their evidence and support.

You will need to use the templates of the letters to put into your personal  to then send to the list of contacts which will start the pressure for results.

Click on the mask and click “B” for brush tool.

Click on the mask and click “B” for brush tool.

Click on the mask and click “B” for brush tool.